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New regulations allowing the use of cannabis in consumer products generates a growing business in the package design industry. While it's still pretty open to interpretations, we do have to follow certain rules when designing for the cannabis industry

A new world is opening up in the consumer goods industry: Cannabis based products. Whether it’s smokable, edible, extract or oil, a product for external or internal use, as designers we still have to keep in mind the standard rules of packaging design.


Will it be in a jar? Will it use a dropper and be sold in a glass bottle? Is it a drink infused with flavor in a TetraPak box? Or maybe it’s a cookie with some THC or CBD in a paper bag. These are the starting points of any design, just as it will be for any cannabis based product.


But there’s more we have to include, such as nutrition information, allergens, warnings, dosage amount if applicable, is it medical or recreational use, keep out of reach of children, barcode and such, just to mention a few. Like with food and beverage packaging the rules will be different for every type of product, and cannabis based consumer goods must also follow regulations that apply to their category.


We have expertise in a wide range of consumer goods when it comes to package design and brand development, including marijuana, THC and CBD products, so click on Request Free Quote to get in touch to discuss your cannabis based products.

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