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Whether you need a photo of your finished product, a social media look & feel or a Power Point presentation for an investor meeting, we can help! We have done many different projects with custom digital elements.

We can't even tell you how many times over our carrier we heard people say: Oh, I just need a quick photo of this or that... or I need to build a presentation for my investor meeting, but I just don't have the time to mess around with it...

Well, no worries, we do have the time and the skills to do all that.


Building a Power Point presentation for your next big meeting. Need an old family photo cleaned and retouched so you can frame it and give it to Granny for her birthday. Or perhaps you want to make an eye catching email blast or digital post for your social media campaign...

Digital support comes in many shapes and sizes, and we can safely say that no two are the same.


Most commonly our clients ask for digital support when they are creating their online campaign, and want to build a cohesive look. While this sounds a lot like brand development (and surely it is also  part of that process), digital support is just a bit different. It usually comes as a second step in a process working with us to complement an existing, or previously designed product that we created for our client. Taking a photo of existing product, then inserting it into a newsletter is just one example of that. Other times it will be a stock image downloaded from the internet that needs to be cropped and edited for a specific purpose, like using it on a website.

In any case, we have not yet come across any challenge that we couldn't solve. Digital design is in our blood, and we are confident that anything you need, we can do.

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