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Lets face it, without a logo you don't have a brand. We create brand logos that you can carry through the lifetime of your product, brand or company.

Logo design and development is an integral part of any product, service that seeks to be successful, and wish to build an effective brand identity. If you ask someone on the street what a logo is, they most likely will answer something along the lines of it's a visual image of a word with certain color or font used to make a company recognizable.

Yes, that basically sums it up, however, if you dig deeper, you will see that designing a logo is not just about finding the right font, or deciding on the color to use.


A successful logo design has to meet many other requirements as well. It requires a clear idea about the concept and values of the brand as well as understanding of the consumer or target group. The steps in our logo design process address just exactly that, so we always start with a formal creative brief where we really dig in, and find out those ever important questions above. Then we move on to formulating the concept and creating some initial logo sketches, then deciding the the colors and finalizing the logo design itself with our clients involved the entire time.


Creating a great logo often involves more than just the graphic designer. It requires team work between the marketing and sales department, the client and sometimes even the consumers themselves.

A great logo design means it will work on any mediums, whether it's printed, stitched or digitally presented. Working with logos for over two decades, we understand this, and provide you with a logo that will work on any or many of these platforms.

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