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We can build all the brand support material that surrounds your product or project, let it be sell sheets, billboards or a bus wrap, we have done lots and lots of it, so you are in good hands with us.

Ask any sales guy, and they will tell you that without flyers, brochures, price tags, hang tags, car wraps or a long list of other items, they would not be able to do their jobs. This of course doesn't mean you have to produce that long list of items, but you should certainly consider at least the basic items.


When you are selling consumer goods, a service or participate in events, trade shows or conferences with your company,  you most likely will need to produce a whole lot of items you may not even think about at firsts. Being part of many brands from day one, we can recommend some items you can start with. Then as your company grows, you can expand, and add items to your repertoire.


Lets say you are going to a trade show, where you purchased a very expensive booth space. What would you need to make it look good? We would recommend a backdrop, for example, with your brand message clearly visible. A table cloth, or two for sure, along with some small or folded flyers that your visitors can take with them. But lets go wild. How about some branded promotional materials, like a box of mints with your logo and phone number on it? Everyone loves mints, especially at a trade show where they most likely don't  have access to their toothbrush after every meal. Or a screen cleaner cloth that slips into any jacket pocket, or small purse. How many times did you wipe your iPhone's screen with your sleeve...? See what we are getting at here?

We don't just do what you ask us to do, we will also help you figure out what materials you will need, and work with our or your printers to get it done on time.

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