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website design and development for Native Harvest Foods


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It's not enough just to create awe-inspiring packaging, you also need to support the brand with an attractive and engaging website. We have a full development team who can not only design, but also build the site for you.

Website design is probably one of the fastest changing areas of graphic design. It's not enough just to be a great designer anymore, who can create an awesome look for a front page. In today's world it is helpful for any graphic designer to understand at least the basics of web development. That doesn't mean to become a full stack developer, but to be familiar with trends, and limitations of available tools.


Generally if you engage any web design agency, or web developer to create a website for you, they'll tell you, you can build it from scratch - which is very expensive, and unless you are Coca Cola, you probably can't afford this - or use a template.

It is also what we do here in our web design offerings, although we do have a third option, which is taking a pre-built website template and making custom adjustments to it. This is one unique thing that we offer that will be hard to find somewhere else, because most web designers won't want to deal with adjusting a template that has been built a certain way.


But in trying to meet our clients' needs of many different visions, we have come to realize that there's not one template that fits all, so to speak. The same way we work on any other project, our web development process also starts with a creative brief, so we understand which of the options is best for you. Once we understand your vision we will work with you and your wallet to create the website that will want to make you brag about it, and show it off to the world.

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