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By: Anna Kernbaum

Pixellent Design, Chief Creative
Posted: February 24, 2016

As the new year rolls around, you can’t help but wonder: what is this year going to be like? This is especially true when you are an entrepreneur, own a business, or thinking about owning one. The questions that float through your mind might be something like “where is my next client coming from”? Or “should I leave the safety of this job that pays for my bills to chase my dreams?” Or maybe it’s as simple as “what do I do next?”

I can tell you, none of those are easy to answer, and as a business owner, they ALL cross your mind – maybe the leaving the job less than the others, but nonetheless,  you wonder if you should line up a full time job, just in case…

It is a scary world out there for us entrepreneurs, but also the best time to become one. With technology at your aid, there’s really nothing you can’t do. Weather it’s an app on your mobile device to track your time, or a new drawing tablet you can take with you to your freelance job, we really do live in one of the best times of all.

Then why do I still feel doubt? Why am I still wondering how am I going to make next month’s rent…? Well, I think it’s because we are human. And humans have feelings, and emotions. One of those feelings that causes us to feel doubtful or wonder is fear. Fear of failure, or fear of success, no matter, but we do fear our future. And this is a very bad place to think from, and to try running your business from.

So how do you get out of it? I could sit here and say smart things like, do meditation, or yoga, or something similar that is normally recommended. But instead I’m going to say this: Just like no two of us are the same, no two of us will do the same to deal with fear. There’s no one-fits-all recipe. There’s no magic bullet. We all react to things differently and therefore we all need to have our own devices to deal with it.

For me it’s hanging out with my best friend and talking about it, or playing tennis for two hours. Yes, two very different things, but regardless how differently they address my fears, they do work very efficiently.

For you, it will be something else… Maybe watching a movie to take your mind off of your own thoughts (this has worked for me before as well, and I usually watch a movie with a “strong female lead”, which shows how strong people can be, and this motivates me too.) Or maybe it’s dancing to your favorite tune. Or taking a walk in the park…

Experiment, try different things, even if it seems stupid at first. Start with things you really love to do, and go down the list one by one, and see which makes you feel best. Some tips that may work: meet with close friends and talk; go hiking; go swimming (floating in water relaxes the muscles, which in return relaxes the mind); get a massage; write; get a manicure or a blowout; sing; paint; ride your bike on the beach path; read; watch birds, cats, dogs or any animal; watch movies; meditate; take a self defense class (this will also most likely give you confidence); take a boxing class; hit a pillow really hard; garden; buy flowers; smell a rose… I can go on and on.

Think positive, and don’t let fear take over. If you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, you won’t.

With that, I’m off to tennis! Cheers! 🙂

Anna Kernbaum is the founder/owner and chief creative of Pixellent Design. You can contact Anna directly at, or by calling (310) 896-5071



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