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What is your process when starting a project?

Every project starts with an initial call collecting some basic information about your project, followed by a proposal and price quote. Upon approval a Design Agreement is created and signed by all parties. This is the green light for us to start the work.

What is your process overall?

We have a three stage process: Phase 1: research and brainstorming, Phase 2: concept development, iterations, layout; Phase 3: final approvals and delivery. Click HERE to read about these steps in more detail.

How long does this process usually take?

Every project is different, just as every person is different, and the length of any project will always depend on what our clients need to get done. Once we have some information about what your needs are we can provide more accurate turnaround and processing times based on the type of project.

What information do you need from me to get started?

In order to start working together we need to sign a Design Agreement, for which we need the following information: your company name and business address, contact person name and title, phone number and email.

Can you help with printing of my artwork?

Absolutely! Pixellent has an extensive network of print and production vendors who we can connect our clients with. We can also manage the printing and production process on our client’s behalf.

Do you charge hourly or per project?

We have three different pricing structures to meet any client needs. Pricing depends on the type of project and how much time it will require from our team. We can customize any project to any budget.

Do you charge overtime for evening/weekend hours?

No, we do not. While we try to accommodate our client’s schedules to meet their needs, our normal work hours are from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. In the case of emergency or a rush project we will work on the weekends or evening hours to solve issues, and do not charge overtime. This is true for all pricing structures, including the hourly rate; we will charge the hourly rate agreed upon.

Do you charge a rush fee?

We do not charge a “rush fee”, but if your project needs to be done faster than normal, we may require a larger deposit up front.

Do you charge a set up fee?

No, we do not charge a set up fee, but we do require a deposit on new accounts before the work starts. This is to ensure that our clients are engaged and participate in the project fully.

Can I come back for more changes if my project is finished and approved?

Yes! However, if the project is finished and approved additional changes may incur additional charges, and they will be discussed before any further work is done.

Do you do UI/UX designs?

Yes! We collaborate with UI/UX and app design companies to meet any client needs.

Do you do animation?

Yes! We collaborate with animation and video companies that can create promotional videos, white board and any custom animation to meet any client needs.

Do you provide web hosting services?

No. We do not provide hosting services at this time, however, we can recommend options and vendors for this service.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes! Accepted payment methods are Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, wire transfers and checks.

Where are you located? Can I come in for an in-person meeting?

Pixellent headquarters is located in West Los Angeles. At this time, we do not offer in person meetings do to the ongoing pandemic, however, we can meet you face to face via virtual meetings.

What areas do you service?

In the digital age this question may be a tricky one to answer, since technically we can work with clients on the other side of the planet through emails, Skype, screen share and many other available forms of communication. But since our office is located in Los Angeles, we mostly focus building our business in that area.

Can I talk to some of your previous clients?

Yes! References are available upon request.

I am starting a new business, but not sure what type of material I will need. Can you help plan my brand development strategy?

Yes! As a new business, company or product there will be a lot of materials you need to generate, and we can assist you along the way from day one. We are experts at building brands from the ground up, and have been part of several new brand development projects where we assisted in creating supporting material for various mediums. Once we understand your needs we will work with you to create a plan that outlines future needs.

I am ready to get started. How do I reach you?

Click the Contact below, on the navigation bar, or call us at 310-896-5071. You may also send an email to us at: