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By: Anna Kernbaum

Pixellent Design, Chief Creative
Posted: February 24, 2016

Roaming the isles at Trader Joe’s a lot of times results in discovering something new and interesting. This was the case with a new product I found, a multi pack of loose leaf teas in a variety of flavors. But what sold me on buying it wasn’t the curious flavors of Golden Coconut Masala or Gingerly Turmeric, but the rather unique packaging.

First, the design, which was immediately selling the Trader Joe’s brand. Looking at it I got the feeling of natural, healthy and very Trader Joesque impression.

Then the interesting way of how they packaged it. The individual flavors are boxed together in a brown cardboard box with a plastic sleeve slide-in holding them in place. Within the individual flavor boxes the teas are in a ziplock style plastic bag preserving the flavor and scent. The boxes slide out, almost like a drawer, and when you are done with them all you have to do is slide them back in place.

Not all TJ’s packaging is that great, but this one definitely is one of the better ones. It made me pick it up and buy it, and then even write about it. Isn’t that what a great packaging should do? Yes, absolutely. So kudos to whoever designed this packaging.

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