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By: Anna Kernbaum

Pixellent Design, Chief Creative
Posted: March 2022


Trust is hard

When you’re driving from point A to point B, chances are you have a valid driver’s license. You also trust (and hope) that everyone around you does, too (even though this doesn’t guarantee they know how to drive well or will obey traffic laws, but I digress); the key emphasis here being blind trust.

Similarly, when you work with others, whether they be co-workers or a freelancer you’re considering hiring, you must put your trust into them and believe that they know what they are doing.

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When it comes to packaging design and brand development, this trust manifests in whether that person knows their craft, follows the trends, has a great eye for design and is detail oriented enough to catch little things you didn’t even think about. Not to mention, reliability, which is arguably more important; Will they be available when they said they would? Will they deliver the designs on time? Will they just throw something together quickly or take the time and care to create something award worthy?

These are questions one asks when it comes to trusting the right business.

Starting your dream project

Your creative project may be your lifelong dream of starting your own business for which you need a logo. It could also mean investing in that innovative product idea and realizing you need awe inspiring packaging design that will help you stand out on the shelves (and maybe even win awards for being unique and pushing the envelope of creativity). Maybe you are thinking about jumping on the bandwagon of cannabis products with a new CBD snack, and want to make sure you are working with the best cannabis packaging expert out there.


All of this takes trusting the right designers to do your idea justice.

Trusting your designer

When you are working with designers you have to put your trust in them. There’s no surefire way to know that the person or company you choose will be trustworthy, even if they come recommended by a close friend, family member or someone who worked with them before. You have to trust them blindly, until you see what they can do firsthand.

Do your research

The one thing you can do to ensure your trust is placed in the right person or design company is to do research, reach out to them and ask a lot of questions. Knowledge, transparency, and the willingness to provide the information you seek is a good sign of trustworthiness, as well as years of experience and a great team that works well together.

If you find yourself thinking about that next big step in your great business or product journey, don’t hesitate! Pixellent is here to arm you with the knowledge you need before you make that big, trust-based decision.

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Anna Kernbaum is the founder/owner and chief creative of Pixellent Design. You can contact Anna directly at, or by calling (310) 896-5071



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